Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our guitar hero

Isaac LOVES music and was singing all the time in China when we first got him. That continued once we were back in Canada and he always wanted to play Ella's guitar. He was very excited the first time he saw Auntie Lisa's toy guitar for guitar hero and he pretended to be playing it all the time...singing a mixture of songs - often ones he had just made up. This summer, we found a guitar hero guitar at Frenchy's - a used clothing store in the Atlantic provinces - for $3 bucks. The best buy we ever made. He loves it and plays it all the time singing the alphabet song, BINGO, row,row,row your boat...etc.
He loved entertaining us all summer. At Aunt Kathleen's cottage, we also found a walking stick that fit in a hole in the floor of the cottage and thus looked like a microphone. This boy is bound for the stage. Enjoy the video. Here are the lyrics...just in case.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Choo choo chugga chugga
big red car
ride the whole day long
Wiggle choo choo train
Wiggle choo choo train
Wiggle boat
Wiggle boat
Wiggle boat

(The first three lines are from a Wiggles tune; the rest is made up).

Last of our summer fun

Well, I guess this is a bit out of order now, but here are a few pictures from the end of our summer vacation in Newfoundland. We had a few more beach days....never grew tired of that.

even got poppy to the beach one day

When you're bored, nothings better than a wheelbarrow ride. Pirate hats from Trinity.

Isaac's baptism day. He loved it. Kept asking when he was going to get the water over his head and when he did get it, he laughed and asked for more.

catch up

Here they are in their uniforms.

Well, time does have a way of slipping by. Here we are a year into our new life as a family of four and just loving it. Ella and Isaac are both in school...yeah, just less than a year of coming to Canada, Isaac is in school...and loving it. I was a little worried about him as he is still only 3...a bit young to be in school. However, he is doing really well. Ella is a great BIG sister and she has actually got him dressed these last two days. She's quite proud of herself. She even put an undershirt on him today! She also did a great job on the socks. She got him undressed when they got home from school as well....they are wearing uniforms this year, so it's easier to choose what to wear. Ella went off to a play date today and when Isaac and I arrived home, I noticed that his pants were on backwards. He said he used the bathroom at school and I guess he put his pants on backwards. They're so big, you can't really notice, but it was pretty funny. I can't believe he can actually go to the bathroom by himself, but they have to be able to do this at school. There is a bathroom in the classroom, so that helps.

Happy Gotcha Day Isaac

Wow! We certainly can't believe it has been a year since we went to China to get this adorable little boy! He's such a loving, cuddly little guy who loves his big sister and has just settled into this family like he was always with us.

Here he is celebrating Gotcha Day with a cotton-candy flavoured ice-cream from a new ice-cream parlour that opened nearby. mmmmm

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Discovery Trail

Isaac was VERY excited to see his friend, Teagan, again. When they said they were going down to the wharf, I was a bit nervous and followed behind as Isaac is a runner and can't swim. I really didn't need to worry. Teagan was fantastic. She carried or held onto Isaac the whole time...never letting him pull from her grasp. And you could never tire of the view of Summerville Harbour. A fishing net had been left on the wharf and it was full of sea treasures....sea urchins, star fish and coral. The kids had a blast collecting their treasures. Teagon first spotted this starfish on the side of the wharf. It's the biggest one we've see by the shore. Tess pulled it off the leg of the wharf and we let it go closer to shore. Oh, why isn't summer a few months longer????

Last few days in St. John's

Spent a day out around the bay at Bruce and Maxine's place in Victoria. Uncle Bruce took the kids for a sail in the little boat our dad once owned. They loved it...especially Isaac.
Who doesn't love roasting marshmallows? And finally a great shot at Aunt Kay's place. What great travellers these two are...we've been dragging them all over the island visiting this one and that one and they're just amazing. The other day, Isaac did talk about "Isaac's house in Toronto". I didn't even know he KNEW he lived in Toronto.
I just had to add two more pics....the two of them zonked in their car seats. Our best ride ever...two hours!!!! all the way to Clarenville!!!! Ella rarely sleeps in the car anymore, but Isaac sleeps ALL the time. Great for us as Ella is fine...can entertain herself whereas Isaac needs a lot of attention in the car.

Rock the Rock

Our little rock star...loves to sing and play guitar. We bought this toy guitar at a used clothing store for 3 buy ever!!!!