Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our guitar hero

Isaac LOVES music and was singing all the time in China when we first got him. That continued once we were back in Canada and he always wanted to play Ella's guitar. He was very excited the first time he saw Auntie Lisa's toy guitar for guitar hero and he pretended to be playing it all the time...singing a mixture of songs - often ones he had just made up. This summer, we found a guitar hero guitar at Frenchy's - a used clothing store in the Atlantic provinces - for $3 bucks. The best buy we ever made. He loves it and plays it all the time singing the alphabet song, BINGO, row,row,row your boat...etc.
He loved entertaining us all summer. At Aunt Kathleen's cottage, we also found a walking stick that fit in a hole in the floor of the cottage and thus looked like a microphone. This boy is bound for the stage. Enjoy the video. Here are the lyrics...just in case.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Choo choo chugga chugga
big red car
ride the whole day long
Wiggle choo choo train
Wiggle choo choo train
Wiggle boat
Wiggle boat
Wiggle boat

(The first three lines are from a Wiggles tune; the rest is made up).


  1. Oh my this is sooo sweet! Faith loves to sing all the time too... I should record her and post for Isaac to see. Does he still talk about Faith? She always talks about pei pei and lan lan...